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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Kat Lieu is a remarkable community leader for anyone interested in Asian baking! Born in Montreal, her journey never started this way as she worked as a physical therapist and lymphedema expert for 13 years. However, she found a way to bring bakers together during the pandemic through creating Subtle Asian Baking, where people share recipes and collaborate together on baking their favorite Asian pastries, cakes, and cookies. Food is a huge expressions of love language, and baking has been a shared activity with families for years. Kat Lieu’s book, “Modern Asian Baking” is available on Amazon now.


The following five golden nuggets will help you launch an online community:

  • If you're unsure if you'll succeed or fail, consider if the risk is worth the reward. Risk-taking is necessary because if you never do it, then it won't ever happen.
  • There will be a lot of labor involved, and it won't always be enjoyable. Additionally, it may not be lucrative. If you want to start something like subtle Asian baking, you must invest a lot of effort in it.
  • Just accept. Do not spare a thought about the subscribers, whether they are big or small. Saying yes always fosters a connection.
  • Ironically, learn when to refuse requests. You don't have to grab every chance that comes your way. When you NEED to say no, don't be afraid to say that.
  • Take good care of one another, your loved ones, and yourself.

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