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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Nov 13, 2023

In this episode of my podcast, "Short and Sweet," I had the privilege of having Lauraine Mann who is a psycho-somatic therapist with expertise in psychology and energy healing. Our conversation delved into the fascinating world of somatic therapy, emphasizing the crucial connection between our minds and bodies. Lauraine shared her personal journey and how somatic therapy had a profound impact on her life, allowing her to explore and unlock deeply buried emotions and experiences stored in her body. We also discussed the concept of the inner child, which I personally resonated with, and the strong desire to provide comfort and understanding to our inner child. Lauraine stressed the importance of giving that inner child a voice. The conversation then shifted to a scientific perspective, with a discussion about how animals naturally release trauma through physical responses, while humans often hold onto it due to societal conditioning. We underscored the significance of acknowledging and releasing stored trauma in our bodies. The episode concluded with a message of self-compassion and the potential for healing and personal growth through somatic therapy.


Here are the five golden nuggets of knowledge shared by Lauraine, providing valuable insights into reconnecting with your authentic self and experiencing true aliveness through somatic therapy!


  1. Breathe and Pause: Lauraine emphasizes the importance of taking a moment to breathe before responding to someone's question. This simple practice provides a moment of pause, helping you reconnect with your energy and gain better access to yourself.

  2. Play and Find Joy: Rediscovering what brings joy to your system is vital. Whether it's going for a walk, listening to music, or spending time with friends, allowing yourself to play and have fun is essential for personal well-being.

  3. Read and Get Lost: Lauraine recommends getting lost in a book or any form of literature that resonates with you. Reading allows you to discover more about yourself through the words and experiences of others.

  4. Take Risks: Taking risks is an important aspect of personal growth. It could be having a difficult conversation, trying something new, or even indulging in a treat like eating ice cream. The key is to push past fear because on the other side lies immense pleasure and growth.

  5. Seek Help and Self-Permission: Lauraine acknowledges the importance of self-worth and self-permission. It's okay to seek help and show vulnerability, as doing so can lead to valuable self-discovery and personal growth.

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