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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Nov 6, 2023

In the world of branding and marketing, Sarah Sambles, a copywriter and coach, passionately helps small business owners, especially those in content-based fields like coaching, writing, and education, define their core message. She excels in crafting narrative-based copy that not only appeals to their audience but also authentically represents who they are. Sarah's journey into coaching and branding began when she realized her knack for marketing while working in a high-tech agency in England. Her love for literature led her to write children's stories, where she identified the struggle many creative authors had with marketing. This realization birthed her career as a branding coach. Sarah emphasizes that branding takes time, breaking it down into an acronym, T.I.M.E., with each letter representing essential aspects of the branding process. She busts myths around overnight success and encourages her clients to find their unique theme, be intentional, build momentum through consistency, and embrace empathy in their messaging. Sarah's approach focuses on helping her clients understand the power of their brand story, reminding them that it's a valuable tool for connecting with their audience and guiding them towards successful decision-making in their business.



Here are the five nuggets of wisdom, shared by Sara Sambles, that offer valuable insights into writing effective emails that people will want to open and engage with!


  1. Consistent Email Sending: Make it a point to send emails regularly. Even if it's not every day, consistency matters. Understand what's holding you back from sending emails and overcome those barriers.

  2. Write to One Person: When crafting your emails, envision a single ideal recipient. Understand their needs, struggles, and preferences. Writing as if you're communicating directly with that person can result in more compelling emails.

  3. Listen to Your Audience: Pay attention to what your audience is responding to in your previous content. If you're unsure, conduct surveys or ask them questions to better understand their interests and needs.

  4. Provide Value: Ensure that your emails offer valuable content. Consider what your audience would find helpful, informative, or motivational. High-quality content will engage your readers.

  5. Write the Subject Line Last: Don't start with your email subject line. Write your email first, brainstorm and organize your ideas, and then create a subject line that encapsulates the email's essence. This approach helps prevent writer's block.

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