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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

Borey Chau also known as G Funk Supreme, grew up in Long Beach, California. Listen in as he defines what growing up in Long Beach was like, including the stereotypes, the discrimination, and the obstacles that he had to overcome to be successful. His definition of success is not only inspiring as a role model for the community but also shares his powerful vision of creating a self-sufficient community through philanthropy and hope. Borey currently produces music and raps. He gives back to his community through “Khmmunity,” a t-shirt brand that delivers a special message and provides scholarships and opportunities for the youth of Long Beach. He releases his new album in the fall of 2022. 


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Five Golden Nuggets:

  • Getting involved in your community can create a sense of belonging 
  • Tap into every big market 
  • Trust your vision
  • Use and find your own voice in making your struggle turn into a beautiful narrative 
  • (Can you tell me what point this is in the audio so we can type something out 


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