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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Jun 2, 2022

Having dedicated her entire adolescent years to music, Elaine took her talents off the stage and decided to perform in the world of entrepreneurship.


She founded her own event planning company called Doctor Events, specializing in a broad spectrum of events from corporate events to expos to weddings. As her passion for event planning started to run its course, she started her endeavors in influencer marketing and launched her own agency, Beverly Hills Society at the ripe age of 32.


Beverly Hills Society is a minority woman found and run talent agency in the digital space, aiming to spread awareness of the importance of ethics and diversity in social media marketing. They focus on racial inclusivity while maintaining exclusivity in representing established creators, as well as help build up-and-coming talent achieve their fullest potential. They execute social media partnerships with established advertisers that align with creators' audiences, values and long term visions while laying the groundwork for creators to pursue their business endeavors. Which then led her to managing a talented EDM artist, Ravell! 


As her agency continued to grow, Elaine, her husband and 3 amazing partners launched a lifestyle cannabis brand! Too High To Remember specializes in live resin infused pre-rolls paired alongside current and fun merch. She vows to continue to uplift everyone around her and hopes to inspire other women that no dream or goal is unattainable!


Keep in touch with her @laneydarling. 


“There’s a cookie cutter image or plan that’s set out for me, but I’ve always been against the flow.”


“I realized that every little job or business that I’ve had including vocal training geared me for this moment.” 


“I’m Asian, I’m Korean. If you go on Instagram, you don’t see a lot of Asian influencers, a lot are lowkey. Brands will approach Asian Americans, but for diversity hire. I want to see this kind of interest all year round, not just for Asian Heritage Month. I want to normalize Asian representation and inclusivity, but also to maintain exclusivity of these individuals with my agency @BeverlyHillsSociety. 




  • Be careful and Explore every scenario before it happens because any scenario could happen. As a manager, you plant the seed, and give them the reasons why and let them make the decision.
  • Don’t front! Learn how to be responsible and be transparent.
  • Always pay it forward.
  • You deserve a partner who supports you When you have a partner that is supportive. Men are competitive and possessive by nature. f
  • Have a supportive partner.
  • Time is the highest form of currency: be smart about your time and the people who you spend your time with. 


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