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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

May 4, 2023

Jessica Fialkovich grew up in New Jersey, her grandparents were entrepreneurs, and her dad saw the ups and down of small business owner life. Some weeks were great, and some weeks were terrible. Her dad decided that entrepreneurship was not his gig, and he went into education. 


Jessica was raised in a typical way: 

  • Get a good job

  • Work for a corporate company 

And that what she exactly did. 


She pursued a career in sports management, sports entertainment, right out of college, and worked in corporate. IT WAS A LOT. Then the recession hit. At that point, she had a choice to make. That was her realization: She wasn’t safe in the corporate world. And the only way she could be safe and control her future was to start her own business. 


“We figured out the wine business as we went along. It was the same thing. We always had the intention of building up the business to sell it later on."


The following golden nuggets that small business owners should know about the selling process that they might not already aware of:


  • There's a myth that your business is too small. No business is too small to sell.

  • You are going to sell faster than you think you are. 

  • Everybody thinks that a private equity firm or their competitors gonna buy their business. The truth is that about 80% of all business buyers are people that are first time entrepreneurs. 

  • Don't tell anybody that you're selling when you're thinking about selling, confidentiality is super key.

  • When you are in the sales process, find something that excites you about the day after something you can focus on because you are going to have that transition period. 

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