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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

Joe Ngo is an NYC-based actor, writer, and musician who had the honor of performing on major stages all over the United States, including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, South Coast Repertory, Baltimore Center Stage, and ACT Theatre in Seattle. Some of his recent works include Cambodian Rock Band, All's Well That Ends Well, King of the Yees, Vietgone, The White Snake, 'Hamlet/Tyrants, Lovers, Liars', Henry IV: Part I, and The Taming of the Shrew.


In today’s episode, Joe will talk about his journey in becoming an actor and also the history of his culture. He will share his pieces of advice for people that have discovered the passion that connects them to their culture, however, are unsure of how to proceed. 


“Retelling stories and bringing it into full circle” 


  • Horrendous but awesome stories 
  • Putting two dynamics of Cambodian story alongside Cambodian rock music
  • Preserving stories