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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

Alexa Silvaggio is a wellness entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She is a teacher, TEDX speaker, writer, podcast host, retreat leader, and CEO of Ritch Chocolate Rituals, a mindfulness chocolate brand. She encourages you to cultivate a more loving relationship with your body and yourself through all she teaches.

In this episode, Alexa shares her journey of being an entrepreneur while also finding and encouraging wellness. She explores the concept of mindset through both movement and pleasure.


Four golden nuggets about self-care:

  • Find the mindset practices that resonate with you to promote being present. 
  • Your breath is always there to support you since birth, learn how to connect to it.
  • Tune into your body and notice where you are needing more attention.
  • Establish a journaling practice.


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