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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Nov 15, 2022

Jessie James Balantac’s first encounter of money was selling some items out of his garage and slowly contemplating how he should make money moving forward. He started his first corporate job in Stockton, CA in order to support his mom as a single mother. He spent some years in the network marketing space, which taught him valuable lessons, and with the help of his mentors, finally found his calling as an entrepreneur by owning multiple businesses and dominating the credit space. Jessie Balantac hopes to enrich the world by showing up as a leader and enabling others to realize their own potential by illuminating the limitless opportunities that come with leading a life of integrity. He is passionate in adding value for people and assisting in their goals, skill development, and personal growth. Currently he helps people purchase their first homes, get a business loan, or fix their credit. 




Spiritual growth,

Holds him responsible for releasing more potential growth, and it also empowers me to speak out for others.


“I felt that if I created something for myself, it would just suit me better."


The following golden nuggets will help you learn how to spot a new investment or how to invest in the way that you've discovered now that you've gone through all these different positions and really seen how business works.

  • Invest in yourself first, whether that's personal development seminars, or you can start with a coach/mentor
  • Always invest in something that suits your interests.
  • Do your due diligence..
  • Invest in trends.
  • Marketing is everything.


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