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Short N' Sweet: A Donut Princess Podcast

Oct 26, 2020

Los Angeles native, Annette Kim has always felt like a natural connector. Through friendships, clients, partnerships & beyond, she's always loved building a community for those in her life. She's worked for brand giants like Red Bull & sweetgreen and now works for ForceBrands, a specialized recruitment firm for the CPG space, where she helps high-growth brands build the teams behind the scenes that build their brand.

"I ultimately want to help unlock people in their lives to find their voices, their potential and it's a constant work in progress, for me too."

She dives into this talk about how to move forward through hurdles in your career and personal life - because aren't we all figuring it out? By sharing her own journey up until this point, she hopes you find comfort in knowing we truly all are navigating this wild ride together and, most importantly, don't be scared to ask for help.

What's next? I have an instinctual drive to always strive for mental clarity and your environment is such a big part of that. I'm starting to build a passion project around helping you style and thoughtfully design your home space, piece by piece so it's not an overwhelming project or budget. 2020 has opened our eyes to how simplicity and focusing on things that are important to you can really change your perspective for the positive, so I'm taking a wellness approach to interiors and am excited to have this bloom in Spring 2021. More to come & follow @palette.cleanse on Instagram for upcoming news.